Wenatchee School of Karate

About WSK

The Wenatchee School of Karate was started in May of 1994 by Kari Erickson and Dave O’Connor. They trained and taught for their instructor Morris Mack, in Yakima, Washington for many years before they moved to Wenatchee.

Kari and Dave have over 85 years combined experience training, teaching, coaching, competing and refereeing at both the local and international level. They and their staff are certified in First Aid and CPR.

The Wenatchee School Karate was birthed out of a desire to build a karate school built on values such as education, value, innovation, quality and passion. These guiding values have helped them to develop a successful and unique style of student-centered instruction where classes are taught in a respectful and caring matter.

Dave O'Connor & Kari Erickson image
Both Kari and Dave:
  • Are authorized to teach by the American Shudokan Association
  • Hold advanced Black Belt degrees in Shudokan Karate
  • Hold Black Belt degrees in Yamanni Chinen-ryu Okinawan Kobujutsu
  • O’Connor also holds a Black Belt in Goshin Jutsu
  • Are ACEP Certified (American Coaching Effectiveness Program)
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